Eigenharp pico - Doesn't start

Help! My Pico has stopped working completely! It has worked for the last couple of weeks and then I needed to reinstall EigenD to get it working, now there is nothing no lights no sound. and when loading an instrument in EigenD this seems to be a bit faster than usual. I have followed the release notes and when running Terminal for Python I get a message saying - No such file or directory. I am running Catalina 10.15.5. I am going to try on a different machine just to see if it works but otherwise, I don’t know what to do next.
Any help would be much appreciated!

Just an update - The Pico works on another machine!!!
Update 2 - I got it to work by loading the settings of the Tau and then the Alpha and then the Pico. This is all a bit strange, but at least it works!

Thanks in advance.

Good that you found a workaround. First having to load Tau or Alpha setups to get a Pico to work sounds strange, indeed, never experienced or even heard of this effect before…
If such an effect appears again it might be helpful to look at the log files.

What I once had with my Mac: Had connected a non-powered usb hub with some devices that apparenty drew too much power. Then the Mac just disabled the USB port and it took some googling and pressing certain keys at boot time to get it reenabled. But your case doesn’t sound like this…

Wow, now that’s wierd.
I had run off ideas to help out…

as above, sounds like odd USB behaviour.

loading the tau/alpha setup when only a pico is connected, would merely call the ‘usb scanning’ code , that is also used by the pico… albeit looking for a different device.

so my only guess, would be perhaps it some how woke up the usb subsystem… but no idea why, or how this would be different from repeatedly trying to load the pico setup. perhaps its was just coincidence?!

oddly, Ive also had a couple of times when my pico decides to get a bit ‘particular’ about connecting,
when it continually refuses to connect, then I do something odd/unrelated like change cables or usb ports, it then sparks into life … and then will be perfectly happy to use the original of whatever it was i swapped (e.g. usb port/cable)

its almost like the ‘bootloader’ firmware gets into an odd state, and when you eventually get it to work this clears it BUT that makes no sense, since as soon as you remove the power (unplug usb) then its completely resets…

this similarly sounds a bit ‘odd’ there really should be no reason to need to reinstall EigenD…


The most important thing is when it all connects well it seems to continue working with no problems.
After trying for a few days I agree that reinstalling doesn’t have any effect. Sometimes I start by loading an Alpha preset first but it doesn’t always work, if it doesn’t then I restart EigenD and it nearly always loads first time. Sometimes the Alpha loading gets stuck on 58% and then I have to force quit it. Sometimes EigenD doesn’t show up in the force-quit list and I have to restart the computer, If I try to start EigenD it tells me there is another EigenD running. You have much more technical knowledge than me and I am just trying random ideas to see what works best.

Thanks for all your help and comments and for keeping these instruments ‘alive’. I do worry that one day my Pico will die and that will be that, or that in future OSs it will be impossible to use this amazing controller.

Log files - Too many characters to post. i think this was generated asfter a normal quit not a forced one.


Thanks again

Just to say everything works a lot better after a Reinstalling the operating system.