Eigenharp pico - Freezes when playing multiple keys

My Pico freezes when playing 4 or more keys at the same time it lasts for about 10 seconds or so and then stops. The last notes play continuously while it’s frozen. It doesn’t happen when fewer keys are pressed. This happens with all the DAWs I have. I am using a Macbook pro with Catalina and this doesn’t happen with other controllers. Any ideas anyone? I would really appreciate some help on this one.



Using what setup? any instrument?

I would suggest increasing the MIDI decimation setting. I’ve had cases where synths are overwhelmed by the amount of MIDI data being sent. Most recently it was MIDI from windows to iOS using studioMux, but I’ve had it happen in other situations too.
The find the setting, Open the Midi Converter settings. This click settings. The slider at the top determines how often messages can be sent.

But, the above questions are useful information too.

Using an Eigenharp Pico with a few different setups from EigenD with many different VSTs and VST3s.

Thanks for the reply - I hadn’t seen this before. I will try later - I have to go and make a Birthday cake now - Real life interfering again :slight_smile:

Works a treat - Many thanks!!! Now EigenD stops working now and again and I have to reinstall it but other than that everything is great! Thanks again!