Eigenharp Pico with Yamaha VL70-m? Anyone?


I am tempted to buy an Yamaha VL70-m from a friend, despite some information available on Eigenlabs forum has anyone tried the VL70-m with Eigenharp Pico? Is it worth to get the VL70-m?
Mostly I am using my Pico with AAS Tassman but would like to have an external option for my setup.

Best regards

Olá João,
My 2 cents; first I don’t have a Yamaha VL70-m, the closes I have is a VL-1m (and lots of others sound modules)

The VL70-m is a 1 note - monophonic.
It is well regarded among wind controller players.

This falls into the “very-personal-taste” so its hard to advice.
Hope some of the above is of any help :wink:

Obrigado António,
For making it clear.

The price is less thank what is current for such a device, it is tempting, however it doesn’t come with the PATCHMAN TURBO VL and that is an expensive upgrade for now.
I use mostly monophonic and that kind of sounds, that’s the interest on the VL70-m.
I will try to demo the machine at home and see if it fits in my expectations.
It is already a great dilema :confused:
I’ll let you know my resolution

Thank you,
Bem hajas

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Yeah, that is great if you can try at your “envoirement” /setup, but is seems the price is nice so go for it!

Still about the setup; in the case of an Eigenharp it makes sense to have more sound sources and it’s nice to have an external sound module :wink:

Happy “road-testing” the VL-70m.

I have a VL70m, which I used with a WX5 wind controller for quite a while. Without the Turbo chip, I found it quite disappointing, and I see no reason to think it would be less disappointing with the Pico :frowning: FWIW, I did try it with the Pico just to see, and it seemed to work alright :slight_smile:

Great, thanks for sharing martin.
As soon as I can I will try it. Think that for my music it will work fine but I have to see if it will be near my expectations.
Thank you!

Reading my reply back today - I should have said - I then got a VL70m with a Turbo chip, and that was brilliant with the WX5. I never really tried it in anger with the Pico, just a quick experiment really!

Anyway, enjoy!

No problem, I will try!