Eigenharp Stage doesn't connect to EigenD

Eigenharp Stage doesn’t connect to EigenD - After having some problems on Catalina this all worked pretty well when I reinstalled to Mojave on my Mac. But I have an EWI which I couldn’t get to work at all, so I updated again to Catalina, now everything seems to work but I cannot get Stage to connect to EigenD - If it’s not one thing it’s another. Any help would be appreciated as always.

Where are you running Stage? On the same computer as running EigenD? Or from an iPad?

I’d guess it might be firewall settings. It might be worth trying to launch both EigenD and Stage from a terminal, and observe the log messages. I’m not on Catalina yet, so can’t check if it works for me.

I am running stage on the same Mac as EigenD - I will investigate running the apps from terminal.
Thanks for the reply!

Today it worked!!! Who knows why!
Still thanks for your time!

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