Eigenharps on an Organelle M?

Anyone have this working? Just curious. If so, was it tricky to setup?


Sorry to be clear… an Eigenharp directly plugged into an M.

yes :slight_smile:

you need to use my project ‘mec’, since you need it to be headless.

mec is available on patchstorage ( alongside orac :slight_smile: )
you do however, need to configure it differently if you look at above repo, you will see configs for eigenharp

note: yes - i know I should documented it better - but lots of projects, do i never get around to it.


yes, it works with other eigenharps, the pico is just great for videos :wink:

organelle-m, yes it works with it … some here, saw me play the alpha on the organelle-m in portugual :slight_smile:


Technobear, what synth patch are you using in the first part of that video?

honestly, note totally sure… i think it looks like my early Braids patch with the rings reverb…
I then modified it for OSC input from mec to control pitch/timbre and gain by xyz.
(these days, I think you can do the same with Orac, as I added mpe to it)

Thanks, that’s in fact what I did – I started with your ‘brds’ synth in Orac and developed an MPE patch to play from my Linnstrument. Orac is great!

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