Eigenlabs update

I called and spoke to a lady and am ordering a pico for lack of alpha availability.
Trying to get an update so I can order an alpha.
Will let ya all know


Just curious, what time and weekday did you call? I have called over a dozen times and never got through to a person or a gotten a call back.

hell man i dont even remember - i even got an email from them to order a pico, but its kind of pointless if i cant get at least a tau. i bought a linnstrument but i dont want a flat tapping surface, that was what made the eigenharp so awesome.
I hate to say it eigenharp is porbably done. i told them there is a demand here and i would gladly be a us distributor for them, but they seemed…odd…however they are waiting for an order from me so if you want a pico, i am pretty sure i can get one, dont ask me shit just works out that way for me man. I am a shaman and i have an affinity for chaos, fucking fantastic gift when the shit hits the fan or like when you are the only one that can get something everybody wants - try buying a brand new 200 linnstrument right now - i just did, nobody else will see one until probably the end of april - doesnt work on gambling or the lottery so…anyway let me know if you want one well figure out something