Eigenlabs website gone?

Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to the Eigenlabs website. Seems to have been down or gone for a couple of weeks. DNS still works, but the server never responds.

Looks like the last time archive.org successfully captured it was August 16. They got an error on October 11.

Most everything is probably available on archive.org. I downloaded a lot of things a couple of years ago, as I was already worried that the site was going to disappear.

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yeah, I looked at this last week, and checked archive too…

it should be noted however, that archive.org polls sporadically on inactive sites like Eigenlabs, so it could have been up n’ down a few times, and it’d not spot this.

I also checked a few other things, and it looks like the domain and web server are there, its just having ‘technical issues’… either web server has failed with technical issue (e.g. log space) or its had a malicious attack thats taken it down.
we have seen the forum fall over before (I can’t remember main site going down?!) , and after a while, it comes back up - so I think John checks it every now and then and ‘fixes’ it, but not quickly !

tl;dr; eigenlabs.com may come back up again.

as for what we (as a community) need from eigenlabs in terms of downloads,
I detailed this here:

basically, not very much … and its all ‘lurking around’
Im a bit busy at the moment, but once I get a bit more free time, I’ll look to gather what we need into one place.
(see post above, about what this means… its not just copy the Eigenlabs files somewhere… a bit more involved)

I have a complete archive of all the downloads, including your amazing work Mark.

Just realized it was down looking for an old forum post, and wondered what was up.

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So I hate to sound like a jerk, but you posed a question, then answered your own question.

Can you please share the complete archive of all the downloads?

I thought my Eigenharp was lost, but it was recently found and it’s been probably close to 10 years since I was able to play it. The USB drive was lost for good, and only the EigenD Resource disc remains.

I have tried to get my Pico running with some of the open source software that is floating about, but thus far no luck.

So again, I would REALLY appreciate it if you could share the original EigenD apps.

Thanks in advance!

edit: So I was able to pull the EigenD runtime 1.0.pkg from archive.org , but it is not compatible with my version of OSX…
and I cant install the experimental EigenD without the runtime…

Maybe read the question again. I wondered where the site went, not the downloads. Wasn’t looking for those.

To be honest, that really did sound snide, especially for someone that then asks for help.

I’ll assume that perhaps some humor was lost in translation to the web.

Onto the help… I’m a Linux and windows user, so I don’t have a copy of the iOS packages.

Mark has done amazing work on the community edition of EigenD, which you can find on the releases page of the github site. The macOS packages come highly recommended and some have even got them working on the new apple silicon models.

As for the resource files (sound fonts, demo instruments, etc). Those are a bit tricky from a legal point of view to redistribute. Technically the software agreement precludes that.

However as the site is down and nobody seems to answer my emails, I can’t imagine they’d mind a legit eigenharp user getting a copy.

I can throw them up on a file share tomorrow some time, but don’t want to post a public link for the aforementioned reason. Do you have an email or IM that I can send a link to?

As for the site, it would be nice if videos and the forum contents could all be mirrored somewhere going forward, so I am still hoping the site comes back or emails get responses soon.

I expect @Charrolastra is just understandably frustrated at the disappearance of these files… :wink:

Thanks for the offer @amplogik. As you say, I can’t imagine Eigenlabs would care. @Kai kindly shared the Windows stuff here, but no sign of the Mac stuff.

So annoying when companies do this. The least they could do is park it on Github before they bail out. I recently dug out my Nudesine Alphasphere and was pleased to find that all the software is still available on Github for this long-discontinued device.

Good old Liam Lacey. Went on to become head of development at Modal.

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ok, I think its time, we start preparing for the inevitability (?) that eigenlabs site is going to not coming back.

first, lets be clear, there are no worries - we have all we need to support EigenD/Eigenharps going forward (with some caveats) - but I think we need to focus a bit on centralising some of the information, thats been posted over multiple topics.
so Ive created one topic, that’ll be a wiki topic (so other can contribute too) for this information.


sorry in advance, just to clarify, I DO have the original resource DVD, but it is scratched… I will post a link ASAP

I was able to get some functionality on my aging MacBook ( Catalina );

I am trying to install this now on a Windows PC;

EDIT: so again , I apologize , I feel like I am trying to cram 10 years of developments into a day;

somehow I missed the “community” v2.17 , and tried to compile 2.2 from source… installing that now from :

There is no need (nor would I recommend) to compile from source , use the binary release provided.

yes sir, I found it…

thanks again

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