EigenLite 1.0.0

##EigenLite - a lightweight developers API for eigenharp.

note: there is nothing here for end-users, this is a development api only.

Changes for 1.0.0

the new EigenLite API is now ‘live’

there are a number of api changes from the original development release as as been discussed here

this will break application using the preliminary api, but it is easy to adapt applications,
basically, your application will have to do less work/code, as eigenapi makes it ‘easier to use’.

main changes:

  • messages are now floats, ranging from 0.0f to 1.0 for unipolar or -1.0f to 1.0f for bipolar values.
  • a lot of work on stability around on connection/disconnection
  • device filters to allow for connection to specific eigenharps
  • much improved handling for tau
  • embedded firmware
  • static library


see eigenapi.h for api.

currently, you can can integrate or use cmake to build a binary.
it currently supports using dynamic libraries and static library
however, dynamic library support is ‘depreciated’

my recommended path is:

a) use static libraries and link
Im moving over to using GitHub Actions and so intend to have release binaries available.
(this is still work in progress. but available for Mac x86/arm now)

b) embed the eigenlite files into your app
this is the approach MetaMorph is taking,
if you take this route you should include EigenLite as a submodule in your project.

also currently the pico decoder is supported either

  • using a firmware file (ihx)
  • embedded, where firmware is compiled in to eigenlite

I recommend the embedded firmware usage, and the firmware file may be deprecated in the future.
(as it has no advantage over using the embedded form , as it more error prone for users)


most of the testing of EigenLite has been using MetaMorph.

this will be considered the primary testing application, and also used for demonstration of the api.


note: Meta Morph repo will become available on release

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