“Elephant In The Room” Featuring LinnStrument

My new album, “Elephant In The Room” features LinnStrument on all tracks for most lead synths, fretless bass, sax and violin.

Elephant In The Room


Next-level musicianship)

So you’re using 3 different stick instruments?

Thanks. Yes - on different songs. I have a 12-String Bamboo model with passive Villex pickups, an Aluminum 10-String Railboard Model with a different Villex passive and active pickup modes, and an NS/Stick which is collaboration between Emmett Chapman and Ned Steinberger. It is a modified 8-string Steinberger bass that is also set up for two-handed tapping. All three sound and play very differently.

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That’s great, welcome here!
Did you record the Linnstrument and keyboard as an audio track, just like the sticks etc. or did you record those as MIDI and only render them out in the end?
How did you come up with the concept? Did you sit down, write a theme or even full scores or is this more the result of a jam session?

Thanks very much! I recorded the LinnStrument tracks as MIDI. Some of the songs were pre-planned although not scored (like the title track, Repeat Machine, Wheels Up). Others were entirely improvised - Particle Rising for example. LinnStrument is mostly my go to controller for everything other than piano and organ parts.

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