Embodme - can you give us an update?

@embodme ,
I’ve seen you’re very active on social media pushing the Erae Touch.
it’s great to see it getting some exposure…

however, I see nothing about development plans for either Erae Lab or the firmware.

I was really hoping you would be going to Superbooth to discuss this, but it appears you are not attending. so perhaps you could let us know whats going on?

The firmware (1.1) was last updated Nov 21… that’s 6 months ago, pretty minor changes, and still had bugs that had been reported.
Erae Lab 1.1.6… again, 1.1 was 6 months ago, with just a small update to 1.1.6 later

I think many of us really like the Erae Touch, but with some of the firmware bugs… and not so great calibration, its hard for us to recommend it.

Initially I put this down to teething problems with the release, this is quite normal, every product has it,
and indeed stated I thought for 1.0 you had done a great job, and was sure you would sort out the issues.
BUT then we have pretty much had radio silence no the development front.

whilst, its clear you want to sell more units (and of course thats important to fund development), I think its also important to ensure the product is bug/glitch free… so that you’re early adopters (us) can be going out and recommending it to others!

anyway perhaps you can provide us with some light … on where the Erae Touch development is going and when we might expect to see improvements?


I must say I 100% agree

Same here. Mine is sitting unused unfortunately. It has such great potential but I’m not sure it has the proper support to get off the ground. :pensive:

I have asked them two months ago and I had this answer:
“An update is expected in the coming weeks. By the end of April normally.
We will keep you informed as soon as available with all the updates included.”
So we can only hope they really are working on it …

I purchesed one in December I think, and after recieving a few updates on supply issues, was told in April that they had recieved all the parts, but the circuit boards weren’t up to spec. So they’ll be making a new batch in June with upgraded compontents.

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for going silent for so long on the development side of things.

We have postponed a few time the firmware release as the Dev team (2 engineers only working full time) have been working hard to solve some of the bugs and the pressure consistency issue that some of you are facing.

We have also improved a lot our production quality, hopefully we will get soon a shorter production time as well.

But good news the firmware V1.2 is being reviewed this week and we should post it by the end of this month.
The next firmware update after that should not take as long.

This is one of the reasons why we decided not to go to Superbooth this time.
But we will be at NAMM in 2 weeks from now and ready to open our distribution to resellers and distributors as well. And hopefully meeting some of you ?

Some of you noticed already but the forum is available:

You can create your account and start posting!

We will officially announce all this in a newsletter along with other news in a couple of days.
But happy to update you before that in here.

Again thanks for your support and patience.


Thank you very much for these informations and the hope!