Embodme Support - Bugs/Feature requests

When the ET was released there wasn’t an official support channel/forum, so we kind of adopted that role here.

Embodme now have an official forum.

this is also accessible via their Website (embodme.com) → Support

Id recommend ALL bugs and feature requests, and queries are submitted there.
its much better for @embodme to see these in ONE place.

note: registering at the official forum is now working fine… so no reason not to :slight_smile:

Role of this forum?

please do NOT crosspost these topics to this forum,
if you do (as you’d like some extra ‘exposure’’ then at least include a link to the topic on same topic on the official forum.(*)

consider it a community forum… so if you want thoughts from others (present on this forum) about how they use the ET, or if they like it etc… an ‘independent’ view as it were. of generally to reach out to the community here.

but if you want an official response (from @embodme ) , then the official forum is the best place, as hopefully they embodme are monitoring it (more than 3rd party forums)… hence the reason to raise issues/bugs there.

anyway… hope this provides some clarity…as I think the purpose of the ‘category’ here has now changed,
and perhaps some are unaware of the new Embodme forum.

(*) we have had scenarios of ‘parallel’ conversations on on both forums, which is just wasting each others time.