End of Sensel Morph

In case some of you missed it…
Official announcement

Too bad…

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Also just read the mail. Sniff, the precision of these is still hard to beat!
Fortunately they also work without battery, so the existing ones should be usable for the foreseeable future. And one can still create custom layouts as long as one keeps a working PC for the SenselApp.


OS updates could put us into,trrouble :confused:

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Fortunately SenselApp also works on Windows. One can still use some old applications from Win95 days on Win10 (and 11). And PCs don’t come with soldered SSDs yet…

Just saw on Instagram. Dang! As an owner of a Morph plus every overlay except the discontinued drawing overlay, I’m saddened but I know Sensel needs to focus everything they have on their enterprise laptop touch pads for Lenovo laptops and etc. Linus called them better than Macbook touchpads. Wow.

This will free up extra buyers for MPE hardware made by smaller developers who need the money more than Sensel (at large) do. And they’re gonna need every buyer they can get when the Expressive E full MPE keyboard drops. This actually works to the benefit of the niche MPE hardware market, it seems. Both users/buyers and makers/sellers.

man i have a morph that sat for a while and wont turn back on, took the battery out since its a common issue with morphs but damned if you cant run it without battery so my thought that maybe they ran in series with the battery for some odd reason turned out to be exactly what i thought - crazy talk.
anybody have an idea of what would cause such an issue? out of warranty so i have to fix it myself

Haven’t tried to remove the battery (as they still work on my units). But in their FAQ they wrote: " The main item of concern is the battery. At some point, the battery will cease to be useful. Fortunately, the Morph does not need a functioning battery to work over USB. In fact, the battery can be completely removed and the Morph will still work over a USB connection. Here is a guide we created that shows you how to disassemble your Morph and remove the battery. But please note that doing so will void your warranty. The battery dimensions and specifications are in our guide, but unfortunately we don’t have a source for this battery."

a real shame to hear this.
I dreamed of a large sensel morph, so a shame it’ll likely never appear.

but I think it was (unfortunately) inevitable. the morph I think was largely a vehicle to show the technology in use to seek partners.
they said from day 1 they were targeting laptop trackpads.
so now they have these, they don’t really need this platform … as they can demonstrate on laptops.

I think, unlikely to return to this space - but perhaps, in the future a 3rd party could work with Sensel to create another desktop product? e.g. someone like Wacom or Logitech.
this might suite Sensel’s model of partnering rather than product sales?

as for battery. looks like a pretty standard single cell Lion battery (jst connector), 400mAH.
really the only thing you need to know is the physical dimensions (*) , so you find something as close as possible in size. this wont be too hard as capacity (400mAh) is not critical , so you can go smaller if necessary.

the disassembly guide really looks good… I dont have a sensel, but if you compare pictures to a morph, you could likely guestimate the size and possibly depth (looks like normal single cell depth) … if you dont want to open it before you have battery… but probably good to ask Sensel :slight_smile:

( * ) you might want to contact Sensel now, whilst they are ‘winding down’ their support.
whilst they might now be able/willing to find you a source, they should be able to give you the full specs.

I suspect something like this will fit/work…

  • Size: ~36mm x 17mm x 7.8mm

I still prefer raw data over anything coming out of the overlays, so I’m not too worried about losing the editor on an OS update.

I will be a bit peeved if the max objects stop working, though.

But worst case, the devkit API is still out there, and with that comes this:

And this is also a thing:


(It’s a bummer that anything I develop for it won’t have a market now. But for my own private use, it’s still the perfect vehicle for… some experimental work that I’m not ready to talk about.)

thanks for the info, I missed that

Do you know if there is a need to remove a functioning battery? Like is there some risk that can be avoided by removing it? Or are they just giving the instructions for if/when the battery dies?

no idea…
but, I’d say they are just putting the info out there in case you need to replace the battery.

lipo’s don’t last forever… so at some point it’d need replacing, but that could be many years - though there’s many factors that determine its life, so for some it might be much less… some more.

risk? not really… not on such a small battery, thats enclosed in case.
really biggest issue lipos is physical damage to cells and/or loosing charge too quickly or overcharging (which creates internal overheating) neither a likely scenario here.

So, I’d probably remove it, if/when it stops taking charge properly, but even then it’ll likely drain so slowly it wont have any risk.
but overall, I’d not worry about it till it fails, then look to replace it.


I think it’s the same as with e.g. a tablet. As long as the battery works there is no need to prophylactically replace it. The battery should also not be a problem in an airplane capacity wise (< 100 Wh).
Well, theoretically a battery could get so hot that it could expand or even explode. But most people have at least one smartphone (with a much higher powered battery) and reports of randomely exploding smartphones are super rare… So at least I won’t remove the batteries in my morphs as long as they work.