Enhancia Ring (now Neova) has finally launched!

I just got an email from Enhancia saying their MIDI ring product has finally launched. Now, I don’t know if this ring uses specifically MPE software/firmware but the ring itself is essentially a poly-expressive MIDI controller wearable so I assumed it would be good to post here for those who are interested nonetheless.

Looks like Enhancia is offering a 3-day $60 discount to prior email subscribers (not sure about new or non-subscribers) which I might take advantage of in lieu of saving up for a MI.MU Glove next year.

Anyway, Just sharing for those interested in this bridge between many worlds: MPE, MIDI, Wearables, etc.

(I have no affiliation with Enhancia, and am totally open for discussion on whether this is even an MPE controller, it’s hard to find that info on their site)


I think, to be Mpe, we need a different ring for each voices. ( I speak with a co founder some months ago. )
I hope It can work with and without computer.

I personally agree, but the general consensus around here is that sending or responding to the expected layers of expression makes a thing MPE, even if it’s monophonic (and an oxymoron).