Erae API - Bugs/Issues 1.0

Details of bugs/issues found with the Erae API

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Version 1.0.2 , using pre-release documentation
(I’ve reported to @embodme )

note: there are a few typos in the api doc, which Im not going to list here - as the actually sysex examples are generally correct, and what I used as the basis for my coding.

boundary request response

api doc says DAT1 = 0x7f, DAT 2=0x01, zone, width, height

in reality it is
DAT1 = 0x7f, zone, width, height
so DAT2 does not exist.

Version 1.0.2/pre-release doc.

fingerstream - not being sent on new layouts

ok, this one is major… and has brought my dev to pretty much a halt :frowning:

my application works fine with Layout 15 that supplied on the factory install.
however, if you upload a new layout with an API zone from ERAE Lab then not finger stream messages are sent.

in fact, even if you download and re-upload layout 15, it will not work properly.
(basically one touch works but no more than that)
the only way to get it working again, is to restore the Erae Touch to factory layouts from its internal store.

there is something different (and not working) about what Era Labs uploads.
(we can see this, as the test ‘API Zone’ is not even possible from Eraa LABS)

why is this a show stopper?
because, it means I cannot create my own layouts that respond to touch… which is pretty much a vital part of using the API.

important note

drawing to zones on layouts uploaded by Erae Labs works fine… it is just the touch data.

both issues fixed in fw 1.1