Erae: how to access, edit, and upload Alt configs?

In Erae Lab, how do you download and upload the Alt configuration?

There’s no Erae thread devoted to regular help, so I made this new thread. If it should get folded into some other thread, please do that.

Alt is “interlinked” with the main Layout. So when saving/loading, say Layout 1 (alt is combined)

It gets tricky to “move” around just the Alt part of Layouts (but it can be done)

For now, a bit planing ahead, is a good advice :wink:

When I’m in Eraa Lab and I’m editing Layout 5, I only see the image for Layout 5, never Layout 5alt. When in Erae Lab, how do I make Layout 5alt appear on the screen so that I can edit it separately from Layout 5?

This is what I have (you can always go get the zip fie containing all Factory layouts)
ERAE Lab V1.0 Factory layouts

Layout5 - ALT

edit: also take notice if you are in “Live” mode or not

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Thanks. My MacBook’s screen resolution made the ALT indicator in Erae Lab, which has a different appearance on the hardware, almost invisible.

I stopped using Erae Lab’s live mode because it’s inconvenient when a layout generates the “incorrect format” error. Embodme says they’ve fixed the error where Erae Lab declares saved layouts—even factory layouts—as incorrect and refuses to load them, so I look forward to the next version.

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