ERAE Lab - feature requests

do you have thoughts on how ERAE Lab could be improved…
share them here… lets see what the community would like, and perhaps @embodme can help us :slight_smile:

please share your ideas here, and also send them to

Ive been spending quite alot of time building layouts with ERAE Lab,

my top feature request is :

copy ‘scale degree’ to other degrees

I like the way the colour palette works
but often I want multiple scale degrees to be the same.
e.g. different ‘styles’ for 1 and V, but all the others the same.

it be nice to drag II to III, and for it to copy all attributes

note: @embodme did tell me you can select multiple degrees with using cmd/ctrl…
so that’ll help for the future :slight_smile:

I would like to be able to select and move multiple objects together. At the moment I can do that only with all or one. Editing multiple objects together would also be nice. Only apply it to changed attributes of course…

The limit of 48 objects should simply go for ever. I don’t see any technical reason why its there…

yeah, multi select would be really useful. even if it was limited to objects of the same type.

there will be some limits , e.g. how much memory that have to store the object definitions on the firmware … and their is also some processing to do things like ‘hit detection’
but we don’t really have any idea how close they are to that limit with 48.

we also need to be aware there are 32 presets , so if its 48*32 thats 1536 object…
but perhaps the ET could have a structure such that the limit is 1500 object over all presets, but not limited to 48 on one preset.

but then again , perhaps its arbitrary… in fairness 48 would have seemed like a lot of objects for one preset :slight_smile:

Already creating a mixer surface is easily hitting the 48… After you have 48 of those limited objects, you can still add a grid, which would need the same amount of preset values…
If they didn’t give it enough memory in 2020, it would be an epic fail…

I remember the Sensel had a similar limit which later was moved up to at least 96, but the Sensel has a much smaller surface…

What I also came across, is a limited resolution. I made a LinnStrument like 22 Grid, which is slightly smaller than the Linn Grid. About 8% smaller which is close enough to keep my muscle memory intact… Hitting two neighbouring grids, can only be separated when the are hit on opposite edges, which makes it hard to impossible to play chords.
A 3
3 Grid is too big, a 23 Grid is manageable. But I could imagine also a 2.52.5 Grid, with a real border of size 1 between active areas, that is sort of deactivated for direct touches and would only be used for fine adjustments and glides…

Yeah I found 3x3 cells the smallest I could go to be useful , and even then you had to be careful of mis-triggers, or touch’s been considered the same.

It’s hard to know if this is something that can be improved much in the firmware.

I’ve a feeling it’s likely it could be made a bit more reliable but I suspect beyond that it’s likely a hardware/sensor limitation…
but really we cannot know since we don’t enough info/code etc.

I think the biggest disappointment for me , is we have not seen enhancements in this area since it’s release … often this area is one with a bit of focus you can get some gains that would make the whole experience better.

I hope they don’t make the mistake of trying to make the ET a jack of all controllers by adding a ton of ‘feature a’ , at the expense of a really good playing experience in feel/touch.

For now, I’ve kind of adapted my usage and expectations for it - so still find it useful.

My top feature request as of now is the ability to load microtonal scales (e.g. 19 TET) as an alternative to the Chromatic and other default 12-tone scales.