Erae Touch Poly Aftertouch

Just to say that a Poly Aftertouch option when not using MPE is the only thing I really miss in the current version.
I hope that it will be soon available …


I don’t know how much of a priority that is for the industry at large.

I wish it were more of one; I’ve got plenty of multitimbral synths that I’d love to control several instruments at once on w/ per-key pressure. But the synths won’t accept poly aftertouch, so I have to assign multiple channels to each instrument, and it’s just incredibly limiting.

(MIDI 2.0 promises 16 “channels” of MPE data, and I think the industry is more likely to support that than poly aftertouch. Fat load of good it does our MIDI 1.0 gear, though.)

Yes, we certainly cannot know how the industry will evolve in the next years, but since PolyAT is a standard MIDI message since 1983, since you can have 128 of them for each 16 channels and since it costs nothing to include it on a device that already support multitouch pressure, I suppose that it will not be a big deal for Enbodme to add it :wink:

I’m sure it’s on their list.

I’m just not sure how many high priority items are above it on their list.

Some encouraging answer from Embodme:

Regarding Polyphonic Key Pressure, it is not yet implemented.

We have included it in our Roadmap for an upcoming update which will potentially also include more advanced velocity calibration curves.