Erae Touch V1.3

Hello everyone!

The new firmware is ready!

So far this is the biggest update we’ve ever done since the launch!
We spent a very long time refining the Touch sensitivity and consistency, and polishing the UI.
So please write your feedback here!

Here is a comprehensive list of al the bug fix and new features:

[Updated Changelog (Erae Touch Firmware only)]

* CC and Channel numbers can be changed from the CC mapping menu
* User can choose whether to send MPE and non MPE MIDI data on different USB MIDI outputs or not
* Long press on Alt button when in CC Mapping mode will save all layouts (including MIDI channels, MIDI CC and scale information)
* Improved finger detection
* Fixed button behaviour when using with DAW
* Revamped all MIDI FX
* Better finger pressure filter on slide
* Fixed inconsistent internal BPM issue
* Fixed issue that caused some USB MIDI messages to not be transmitted
* Fixed sequencer sequence saving issues
* Fixed stuck note issue in sequencer (a single sequencer can now play at most 16 notes at the same time)
* Control Change & Program Change buttons state is now shared across all layouts
* Fixed button bugs
* MPE configuration messages are now only sent when changing layout
* MIDI Clock is now in internal mode by default
* Fixed imprecision of note selection in Harmonizer effect UI
* Fixed a bug that prevented some animations from being displayed
* Fixed BPM display issues and capped internal BPM to 999
* Fixed some visual bugs
* Improved Sequencer Record Quantization

[Updated Changelog (Erae Lab)]

* Project management
* Pitchbend in vibrato section
* Improved learn section
* Deactivate preview mode upon pulling layouts
* Fix duplicate elements bug
* Contraints relative CC initial value within min/max
* Various UI improvements
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I don’t know if it’s psychological and I have to test it more, but I feel play os more fluid, more secure now.

I tried this yesterday…

I’d echo, I do think it is better.
really the Eraa Touch is much more usable to me now… adding the ability to change the CC and midi channel on the device, particularly, has made it more attractive to use.

I still have a few issues… @embodme

the worst one (by far) is Im seeing it breaking a touch (gate on)… usually when on initially touch, but occasionally at note off.

what does this look like…

I press the surface once… so would expect one long note,
but what I see (when recording)
is VERY short note, (note-on/note-off), followed by a new note for the duration I expect.
so something like e.g.
N N----------------------------------------------------------------------N

or as above, the note is on for the duration, but rather than just on release, and then there is a very short note as I release e.g.
N----------------------------------------------------------------------N N

to be very clear… these ‘stray notes’ are extremely short, not something you would play.

what I think is happening, is during early/late part of the touch, its probably dropping below the min threshold and then bouncing back up, this is being interpreted as two touches.
I think this is ‘fine’, its a limitation of the technology

however, I think a bit of more hysteresis in the touch algo could resolve this.
particularly in the note-on example, the note is so short, I think the firmware could wait a ‘tiny’ fraction to see if the note ‘reappears’ quickly, and so just continues the note.

the delay could be ‘configurable’ as it could potentially responsiveness a tiny bit…but its really so short I don’t think so.

the note-off could be done in a similar fashion i.e. don’t allow new note on (for same note) within a fraction of ms

I do think this area is really important…
as we’ve mentioned before, the most important thing , beyond anything else for an instrument is it behaves consistently… you cannot have it dropping notes, or introducing new ones.
as it just sounds like you are playing badly.

(obviously, how much this unexpected behaviour can be heard depends very much on the sound source you are using… !)

if that means loosing responsiveness, so be it… consistency is king here.
I can play around latency/responsiveness but not pseudo random behaviour.