Feature Request - use some buttons for CCs on channel 1 only

Hello everyone,

I’ve been experimenting with my Striso board for a while now and it’s great fun.

What I miss is the possibility to play no notes with some keys, but only to send different midi commands - CCs parameters or toggles.

For example, it would be nice to be able to assign different CCs to the top 3 black keys so that you can also create global (not MPE) parameters (on channel 1) The use case could be to the layer mix of a DAW synth (x-y) that you want to control besides playing. So we could get MPE note playing in combination with a usual midi parameter controls.

Another idea would be to switch effects on and off while playing or simply to spontaneously activate (or stop) the DAW recording while trying out a melody.

What do you think?


I get where you’re going with this, but there comes a point where a single button does too much and the user interface can’t handle it. I just have a second midi device to send global parameters like those you mention :slight_smile:

I just want to avoid using multiple controllers! :wink: It would be a fantastic thing if in firmware 3.0 I could configure each button (or as I said some) the way I want: send notes or freely configurable CC’s, sysex messages - whatever.

Interesting, I second that request, but also fully understand the desire to not bloat such a fantastically “simple” design…

I would like to get one, but am feeling like it may not be sufficiently flexible to control non MPE synth’s in unconventional ways. Is there a midi implementation chart? Wondering what CC midi messages it sends?

This Midi 2.0 and MPE controller, is a “new” adventure for me…

Thank you