Firmware 1.2 - No longer transmitting MPE data over USB for keygrid

After updating the firmware to 1.2, my Erae Touch no longer seems to be transmitting MIDI data over USB for the MPE keygrid element. It still transmits MPE data through its MIDI out port, and It also transmits MIDI data for individual MIDI channels; it’s just MPE over USB that does not seem to work.

I am using Ableton Live 11.1.5 to manage the MIDI transmission, so perhaps the problem lies in the MIDI configuration in Ableton. Here is a screenshot of the MIDI settings page:

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Yes, but not only in MPE mode :frowning:

Have you tried activating the track, remote, and mpe boxes on the input “erae touch (port 2)”?

For me, on a mac, the first port “erae touch” sends non mpe midi data and the second port (on a mac its called “Erae Touch MPE”) sends midi data from keygrids that have the mpe selector activated in the lab.

Hope that helps.

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Its probably best to report bugs on Embodme’s (new) forum:

if you don’t get a reply there, Id drop them an email.

edit: ok, I see you posted there as well… and embodme has already replied to you.

BTW: I really hope this port usages is configurable.
I know quite a few bits of hardware that do NOT support more than ONE usb port.
so if this is hardcoded, its going to be a problem if you need to use MPE on port 1!

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Thanks to both of you; enabling MIDI port 2 worked for me.

@thetechnobear, I’m not sure if this info will help you, but when I connected my Erae Touch to my Sequential OB-6, MPE was transmitted no problem; however, it was connected via MIDI and not USB as the OB-6 is not a USB host.

yeah, my point was for usb midi… I assumed given it only has one midi din, they had not changed that :wink: