Firmware development priorities

There are some things that need to be improved in the Striso board firmware. What should have priority according to you?

  • Improve the internal sound (it’s working but there’s much more potential)
  • Implement MIDI TRS output
  • Implement pedal input (sustain or expression pedal)
  • Implement a configuration tool for editing tunings and other persistent settings
  • Other - please specify in a reaction

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I would value the ability to transpose by notes (in addition to the octave transposition).
I envision being able to learn the board by ‘mode shapes’, and then using transposition to change the tonic.

  • a transposition of 3 semitones up, means that you are playing the E-flat Ionian major scale by playing the 3 white notes and 4 white notes in order.

@eddiehebert, That one already exists. You can do it by holding down the Settings button and pressing the Octave Up/Octave Down button at the same time.