Fluid pitch : innovative pitch bend & Mpe

I just saw that:

Demo available, but I didn’t find the time to try it.

Hi all,
Fluid Pitch is a Scale Locked Pitch Bend System with MPE upscale technology and micro tuning feature. This video explains almost everything but if you have any doubts regarding this please let me know here.

I’m a bit confused about the MPE upscale mode…
MPE is all about individual control over notes, but you are still (obviously) affecting all notes by pitchbend and modwheel here.

I guess, this relates to locking the pitchbend of the notes back into the scale, which would indeed require a different pitchbend for each note.

( a cool feature for sure, but not really going to “Upgrade your Existing MIDI keyboard to an MPE device instantly” :wink: )

not sure, if its really needed for MPE controllers, since with many of these you ‘glide’ to a note on a keyboard, so its not like the pitchbend wheel, where the issue is you have no reference to the notes/scale.

exception being the Eigenharp, there the pitchbends are simlarly not associated to the surface, so could be interesting there…
but raises the question…

does Fluid Pitch support MPE input ?
i.e. a controller that is sending pitchbend on different channels (ala MPE)… locking the pitch to a scale, then outputing that on the same MPE midi channel.

its definitely an interesting idea… a nice way to glide between notes on a keyboard :slight_smile:

Thank you for your appreciation. For now, Fluid Pitch does not support MPE input. It might work with MPE controllers in Normal MIDI mode though.

So MPE controllers are for the individual control over notes while normal MIDI controllers + Fluid Pitch is for easy pitch bending across notes/chords.