Forced shut down of EigenD

Updated EigenD and Python to the latest versions recommended for OSCatalina 10.15.1. It all works just fine except when shutting down EigenD. I have to shut it down by force and then it seems to shut down but my Alpha still is lit. Even when restarting my MacBook Pro the Alpha is lit in the factory 3 settings I use. It seems to me everything is kept alive in the Base Station. Just switching it off an on will fix the problem but it’s not the way it supposed to be. Any ideas what to do?

Clicking on the close icon afaik never worked, did you try to close EigenD via the File->quit menu?

Probably only the lights stay the way they were (as no “turn light off” command comes anymore), the setup functionality itself is gone if you stop EigenD.

Ive still been holding off updating to Catalina, but when I do I will take a look.

we don’t really want to be doing a forced shutdown, it should close from the menu.

one question…

does this cause an issue? other than the lights remaining lit?
i.e. do you have to turn off the basestation to use it again… or is it just to turn off the lights.

I’ll admit I thought this was happening before,
basically the basestation maintains the state of the alpha , with its own internal firmware.
so what I believe is happening is sometimes the message to turn off all the lights doesn’t get to it, before the USB comms is shutdown.
but it doesn’t matter, since when EigenD starts up again it reinitialises anyway.

fyi: Ive seen the same behaviour with MEC on the rPI, where the lights say on… but it doesn’t prevent a restart of MEC

Have just tried EigenD with Catalina, for me it exits normally when using the menu (LEDs are also shut down).
Do you perhaps have some VST/AU plugins in your setup that might lead to problems?

P.S.: If you just want a minimalistic setup I can also fully recommend Mark’s MEC, it is a lot simpler than EigenD but in case you just want MIDI or OSC out this might be exactly what you are looking for.
Alpha->MEC->OSC->Aalto/Kaivo or Alpha->MEC->MIDI->Any Synth just work out of the box for me, it’s really great!

Yes, I have to restart the base station to shut off the lights. I’ll try to switch between setups to see what happens when not restart base station in between. That would tell if it’s only a lit problem.

if you’re doing a forced shutdown the lights definitely won’t go out,
but the basestation should not need restarting to be operational again.

id also like to know if you can shutdown eigend from the menu, as id prefer people are not doing forced closes… this in the past has caused other issues!
try it with one of the basic factory setups… as @NothanUmber said, it could be a VST or something is hanging eigenD as it trying to close.

I never make a forced shutdown unless I have to. Always by the menu.