Formulae values - not working?

you are supposed to be able to display ‘real time’ a formula value,
by selecting ‘Display->show formulae value’,
selecting a formula, and then pressing the surface.

(Ive seen in manual and in videos)

but this is not working for me at all…it displays nothing…

Editor 10.09, running on Mac mini m1

Strange? I get readings of values!
Can you replicate preset and choose the same formula C

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k, so we know it should be working on 10.09 :white_check_mark:

looking at the product code, its also with your Osmose :white_check_mark:

which Mac are you running on? just an issue with apple silicon?

theres also the on thing that I fear is likely… which version of Max are you using?
Im running a full version of Max 8.5.2 (latest version)

but I’ll definitely try the exact preset/formula combo today.

So, good point, previous post IS from MPB17 intel
I did change connection to my newer MBP22 M1 Pro, it is ok, working.

I don’t have full MAX, and by the looks what I have is old 8.3… ((ooopsy) on MBP22 and even older on MBP17 ( :cold_face:

edit: so downloaded and install latest 8.5.2 (along side old version, so renamed)
MBP M1 Pro, is ok, showing values.

OK… user error :slight_smile:

thanks for your picture @keymanpal , this made it clear… as I could see you had a matrix point selected… which gave the :bulb: moment required.

so, I was selecting the formula via the radio button… this does not work…
you have to select the formula in the matrix itself.

what’s nice is this then opens up the ‘column value option’ as well.

anyway bit by bit, Im learning the EM…
and this feature will definitely help a lot!

yeah, I should have point that also…

Great you are getting along :wink:

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