Forum Categories

Currently we have a set of categories which apply to all expressive controllers (coloured red) e.g. hardware/software), and then some specific instrument/controller categories (coloured blue), used for topics which are specific to that hardware.

Generally, we will want to keep the number of categories low, since too many can get confusing for new users - so we are starting ‘minimal’ based on a keep it simple approach.

If you feel others are necessary, please post here suggestions.

as a side note… discourse supports ‘sub-categories’ , so if any particular category needs a bit more ‘organisation’, we have the option to create sub-categories.

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I changed category Haken Continuum to Continuum Fingerboard (this is the instrument), now the ContinuuMini is getting out; new category for it?

Do we create a Haken Audio “main” category with two sub-categories?

I think for now we should keep 1 category per manufacture, to keep the count low - if we start gettting lots of posts in them, then we can decide at that time how best to split.
(That’s why I called haken continuum seems to cover both )


My 2c, one category for both. I would expect most things of interest to ContinuuMini owners are equally of interest to Half/Full-size Continuum owners and vice versa.

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What about a list of expressive controllers? It should list MPE controllers and useful additions like a Breath and Bite controller or the Touché for example. The replys in that thread could show also pictures of performance sets…

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Sure you can create a post if you wish, then we can mark as a wiki if you want others to edit.

Or perhaps just to create a post in hardware of other controllers that you think are interesting - so others can comment on them.

we only really need a category where we we are going to gets lots of posts about a controller or whatever - and we don’t have to do it upfront , we can do as required and I can move appropriate posts.
( I created current categories not to be exhaustive rather, to illustrate a vague way of organizing things - which might change ;))