FR : KeyGrid / Keyboard / DrumPad : glissando trigger notes

FR : KeyGrid / Keyboard / DrumPad : glissando trigger notes

I’m missing one « basic » feature on KeyGrid / Keyboard / DrumPad : be able to slide my finger over several pads/keys, and trigger different notes, (as is would normally work on a classic keyboard )

Of course this would be compatible with the current Glissando feature ; it should probably be another Glissando mode…

The poor piano, I would leave that feature to traditional keyboards or there would not be a single advantage left…; - )
The LinnStrument does have such a mode for non MPE sounds btw. But I never use it.
Its as if you would complain about the same thing with a fretless bass vs. a fretted one… They are just different instruments, they do different things…

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I don’t really like the piano layout on the ET, by default its a bit too wide… and if you make it narrower its not as playable … isomorphic layouts feel much more natural.

that said, I do use piano layout sometimes for simple note-entry on a hardware sequencer.

as for non-mpe, I use this more than I expected … mainly with modular…
its really fun setting using big pads to control eurorack… and Ive no where near enough modules to do MPE in my modular setup :slight_smile:

its interesting…
my other expressive controllers I tend to use mainly for polyphonic expressive sounds (mpe or not) .
but the ET, I tend to use more as a flexible controller … switching between large pads/piano/isomorphic … and mono/poly and mpe.

Ive not used things like ‘controller’ schemes e.g. x/y pads, sliders , buttons … but I could see myself using these at some point