FS (ConUS) Manta - SOLD

I am selling my Soundplane Model A and 1st Generation Manta controllers.

I’ve listed the Manta on Reverb already.

I haven’t listed the Soundplane yet. It is in mint condition. Here are some photos:

I haven’t listed this on Reverb yet, I’ve been a lurker here and wanted to give first access to people on the Madrona Labs forums and places like this. I’m asking $1600 + shipping for a direct sale. I’d consider a trade for a Linnstrument 200.
soundplane sold

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Too bad Soundplanes always seem to come up for sale when my budget isn’t all that. As a Linnstrumentist I’ve wanted to try one for a long time, but reluctant of making a trade - at some point would be cool to own both and spend some time comparing and deciding which one to focus on.

(Sorry for the derail and good luck for the sale, Soundplanes seem to usually go very quick!)

Here’s a Reverb listing for the Soundplane.

No worries, I’m an introspective type. I love the object itself and am kinda sad to sell it, but have been bumping into a lot of frustrations using it both via networked MIDI since moving off of the Mac as my primary platform, and sensor difficulty with some chord articulations in the fourths layout.

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yeah the soundplane can be a bit of an enigma - I’ve gone through phases of love n’ hate with it :slight_smile:
(hate is too strong, more like frustations as you say)

as a playing surface for notes (esp chords) it can be a bit imprecise- but it also can be so fluid, its so tactile - a kind of unique feel - when I use it as a continuous surface rather than a grid it feels much more alive / precise/dynamic (but thats a less ‘day to day’ use-case than Id like)

also I much prefer the soundplane outputting osc than midi , I think osc just does a better job for the continuous output.

one day, when i get time, I want to create a specific ‘instrument’ for the Soundplane - something away from notes, and leverages its unique feel.
… oh for some spare time!

anyway, good luck with the sale - its a unique and beautiful controller :slight_smile:


…and this is sold, the forum won’t let me edit the original listing

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the soundplane sold? or the mantra?

editing, hmm, Im surprised , perhaps you dont have enought posts
I’ll update for you.

EDIT - I just saw on madrona labs forum - soundplane sold :slight_smile:

ah, yeah, thanks.

WRT the soundplane and creating a specific instrument for it, free of notes and whatnot, I feel you on that. If I had the time and inclination I’d probably do something around physical modeling, with touches acting as exciters and their x/y/z parameters controlling the parameters. Something akin to a bowed upright bass, perhaps?

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I still don’t have enough posts to edit - so, update, the Manta has sold as well.


Done :white_check_mark:!
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