FS (US) All Gone Bye Bye

For Sale - US - Free shipping and I’ll cover the Paypal fees.

Electra One GONE - Practically brand new, Still has screen protector on it. Original box and USB cable included.

Nord Drum 3P $OLD - Great shape. Includes Rack Mount and Power Supply

Expressive E Touché SE USB Control Surface $OLD
This isn’t the more expensive version with CV and gate outs. It is USB Only.

The I/O of the Electra One is interesting: MIDI USB host port, USB client port, MIDI DIN in and out.
Do you know whether it can act as a MIDI mixer? So can I e.g. connect a USB hub to the host port and route MIDI messages from one MIDI client device to another? (So e.g. Morph or Linnstrument to ContinuuMini)

Edit: This goes into detail regarding the MIDI router capabilities: MIDI message routing | Electra One Documentation
So it seems to be a capable router, which is good. The page doesn’t tell whether the host port would support a usb hub and whether it could route between several connected USB clients.

E1 supports USB hubs for other midi devices.

current firmware has ‘midi thru’ functionality, but it doesn’t have extensive options in this area (e.g. filtering messages) … I can’t remember off-hand how many devices it allows in this firmware.

however… you can now add extension in Lua (or even write your own firmware), so indeed you could start to process midi messages, and mess with filtering, or creating your own midi fx.
… I’d need to check, to see at that point how many devices you could ‘see’ when connected to a usb hub.

you can ask questions over at

Martin (the boss/main developer) is very active, and will be happy to answer questions on tech details… and probably makes changes that you need too :wink:

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Thanks for replying for me. My notifications must be turned off. The Touché has sold.

Nord Drum has also sold.