FS (US) Keith McMillen K-Board Pro 4 with KMI hard case

Like it says, KMI K-Board Pro 4, effectively brand new in case, only used a few times to make sure it worked. (I got two and don’t need an extra.) It might (probably will) need a firmware upgrade when you get it, via the KMI app.

New ones cost $899 and cases cost $149 = $1048. If you buy right now at Sweetwater while GearFest is going on, you can get a new KBP4 for $599 and a demo case for $134 = $733. I’m selling mine for $450 plus Fedex Ground or Fedex Home Delivery shipping. Photos on request.


Still selling this? I haven’t posted on this forum before, so I’m not sure of how to contact you directly.

Hi, your trust level should allow you to send private messages, just give it a try.

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Thank you! It worked. I just didn’t know how.