FW Mod for Nymphes and Deluge


I have two MPE synths: A Dreadbox Nymphes, and a Synthstrom Deluge. The Nymphes only responds to Mod Wheel changes on CC1 (rather than the MPE default of 74, as used by the Deluge). In order to be able to use the Striso Y-axis with both, I’ve modified the current firmware (2.1.4) with the ability to send the Y-axis via either CC1 or CC74 by using the last two buttons on the penultimate row. The boot-up default is still CC74.

In addition, both synths use a pitch bend range of 12 (for the Nymphes it’s the only option, and default but configurable on the Deluge). So the second modification of this firmware it to limit the Pitch Bend Range to 12.

Attached is the modded firmware in case it’s useful for anyone.

striso_control_2022-06-0_v2.1.4-Mod-YCC-PBR12.zip (48.9 KB)

P.S. I am super excited by the changes that Piers is working on in the Git dev branch. It’s going to be a fantastic update, and likely obviate the need for these mods.

Thank you @ fkberthold for your firmware toolchain tips!