Gear Talk -- General Discussion

Talk about what gear you’re using with your Striso, ask questions you have about compatibility, or seek advice.

I’m thinking about getting a Korg SQ-64 to pair with my Striso. Does anyone know if this will work well? Any bettter sequencers in the $200-$400 range?

Any thoughts on smaller synths that pair nicely with the Striso? Bonus points for portability and a lower price point (big factors for me), but feel free to answer more generally, because I’m sure others will have the same question.

Id guess much of this is the same as the discussions we generally have for MPE devices.

it’s great to have a sub-category for Striso.

however, I’d also encourage Striso players to participate in the broader discussions on expressive controllers and instruments…

some of the players of these other instruments have been using mpe (and its predesessors !) for many years, so have valuable experience to share.

conversely, Im sure, lots of Striso players have experience, ideas, thoughts that the wider community would love to hear.

one of the reasons we setup was because often these expressive instruments have a limited numbers of players - which means on thier own, pretty small communities (esp. after the inital ‘buzz’ of release) , by combining with other players with other instruments we can enjoy a larger community with also a broader outlook - which I think (personally) is pretty cool.

anyway… not saying don’t post here, rather to encourage and welcome Striso players to post in all areas of this forum :slight_smile: