GECO 2.0 / Leap Motion Controller

This is the greatest news for me in a long time!. Geert Bevin has just updated GECO to 2.0 and it works with the new Ultraleap Gemini v5 software on Mac now!

I have the original Leap Motion Controller and it works superbly.

P.S. I’m not affiliated with anyone. Just enthusiasitc! :slight_smile:


mod note: Ive updated title, as I think its an interesting broader topic (than just Mac and old leap motion)

indeed, this is all good news for Leap Motion users both old and new !

(recap for those that haven’t seen the ‘news’)
Leap Motion (company) has released latest (v5) driver/software for all major platforms including apple silicon, and it covers both the old leap motion and their newer ‘ultra leap’. … on the back of that, Geert has updated GECO to support thew new driver/app.

very cool, as I frankly I thought the old leap motion was basically ‘dead’ tech these days (particularly on more apple hardware).

so great work from both Leap Motion and Geert !

So questions for me are :
will I get it dust it off? find it in the loft? or did I throw it out?

its funny, whilst I thought leap motion was pretty fun (I used it a bit with Geco 1.x) way back… I never really found it very useful… just a gimmick.

I think mainly due to ergonomics…
holding your hands in the air is just not that comfortable, particularly if you are sitting down.
also frankly, the tracking on the OG Leap Motion was a bit finicky, not bad… just you had to mindful of it in use. I have to assume the Ultra Leap would be (much) better.

on the flip side, I recently got into VR with a Sony PSVR2, and have to say, I feel the vr tech has definitely got to a new level - to a point Im getting into this tech.
and of course, Apple Vision Pro, will be another new level again, but out of my $ range for a while

though I think for now, Im more interested in the Quest 3…
why? its certainly far from the vr best tech BUT its standalone capability and its price point … and so market size, is undeniable (within the confines of how niche VR is)

but coming back to leap motion…
this foray into VR has made me believe a bit more in leap motion (and hand tracking generally), and also have ideas on how I might overcome some of the limitations that I felt in the past.

… so perhaps I will dust off the leap motion :slight_smile:

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eheh I never lost track of mine :wink: but yeah, stayed behind with old MBP. Definitely moving to newer setups - maybe building on the past, use the simple of gestures…

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eheh I never lost track of mine

just found mine, was very dusty, at the back of a cupboard :slight_smile:
fortunately, Id left the cables connected to it… so its all ready to go.

maybe building on the past, use the simple of gestures…

indeed, I think for me, the difference is … VR/AR/XR is a little less niche than it was when the Leap came out… or, at least, I have a little more excitement in this area, and so perhaps some more ideas in this area.

anyway… I think this time around for the Leap Motion… I’ll think about use-cases before I bother installing anything. i.e. have a use for it, rather than try to find a use for it.

btw: does anyone know if the Ultraleap software will work on a modern rPI or similar SoC?
it be kind of nice to setup the Leap Motion as a standalone piece of hardware, that just chucks out midi, rather than having to install/connect it to my Mac.

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Just bought it.

Thanks Geert!

They just sent an email saying they now support raspberry pi with a suitable sdk available for download, and made their python bindings available on all supported platforms.

yeah, I got the same email … its a good move on their part, I think could be interesting to have as a standalone device, spitting out osc and midi, or for an art installation.

but still not convinced by it though…
I guess it’ll stay on my backlog for a rainy day play (though we get little rain here… so thats not great :laughing: )

I know what you mean. I gave my original one away years ago because the tracking wasnt quite up to scratch at the time.

Recently I got the new hardware, and tried the latest tracking software, and was more impressed. I got GECO again and had a bit of fun with it.

Ultimately my arms usually get tired when using this sort of thing for any length of time, which tends to dampen my initial enthusiasm. I will probably do some music stuff with it again in future though.

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I been using the leap for a while now, but it’s very difficult to use with anything resembling accuracy. I am intrigued by the new hardware…been using the software but ultimately I need something better than glover by mi-mu can provide for articulations.
right now I play an instrument thats comprised of 3 the morph, eigenharp pico and the leap. I am working towards using the leap for modulation, stab cords melodic movement and I am trying to figure out ways to use the hand gestures for a rticulation kind of like strumming a guitar.
Honestly as far as making music goes - if you are at all a tone perfectionist it’s not going to be your cup of tea merely because its so wishy washy and so micro movement sensative that theres as far as I can determine no way to get consistant triggering.
Now there may be ways I am just not aware of but ultimately if i want to actually lock myself back into conventional theory I have the morph and pico for that…
I use it because I just don’t give a rat’s ass about the cleanliness or accuracy of the pitches,I thrive on discordance and the off the wall articulations are out of this world.
I make music that basically sounds like millions of ghost voices on a mars like planet with odd rusted out alien machinery performing incomprehensible tasks

all things considered I enjoy the industrial and ambient feel to it as well as the rather PITA process it takes to turn some of the efforts musical :slight_smile: