GForce Software's OB-E is MPE capable

GForce’s new synth is a beast and is 8 channel MPE capable.


Neat, still having fond memories of impOSCar, will have to try this!

Just downloaded the trial and it’s fun and sounds great but with MPE over Bluetooth it lags quite a lot when playing keys in quick succession. This doesn’t happen with other instruments. Although trying now over USB, the problem disappears.
I’ll just have to go with the cable I suppose.

I would contact their support about Bluetooth, they are a responsive company. I have yet to develop faith in BT as a carrier for dense MPE data, but that’s probably because I am as old as the hills and have owned so many crappy BT devices over the years.

Thanks for the reply - If I buy this synth I will contact them. like always I am tempted. I have had other problems using Bluetooth, with my Orba. Before I could change the key but not use MPE now the opposite is true, so I’ll probably just wait for the next update and see what happens.