Gig Performer 4 is out!

…for everyone to enjoy;-)

Even I get amazed with the broad uses I can give it, and it delivers! much more than just a mere “plugin host”.
This is my opinion of using GP since v1…


Looking good! One thing where Gigperformer is good at is for setup-once-and-forget setups. Haven’t really altered my configuration since almost a year now, but use it almost daily. Switching on the computer, Gigperformer auto-starts, playing, switching the computer off again.


Yes! Daily GigPerformer user here as well. I haven’t upgraded to v4 yet, but I will.

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Wow. I have upgraded to GP4 now, and I am very impressed by the improvements. The new features allowed me to get rid of a lot of utility plugins, scripting and weird workarounds, so very pleased with that.

I love the new scriptlets feature! I had large, increasingly convoluted scripts that were almost identical in every rackspace. So it was getting very difficult to maintain and keep track of. But now I could break things up into small scriptlets with easily understandable names and move most of it over to the new global rackspace. Everything got so much tidier now. Much easier to see what is going on.

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