Granurise - New synth; MPE,

Seems a lot is going on;
Controllers Integration…

Will be a fun night :wink:

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Its not a VST it seems?
Pretty feature-packed anyway, gotta check it out.

I can’t tell what format or platform it’s for. I’m guessing it’s an exported max application, though, just based on there being Mira support. At which point, making a VST version would require a nearly complete rewrite.

The lightpad block integration is interesting, though.

I wish there was a demo version)

You’re right: the system requirement is Max 8 on a sufficient Mac/Windows computer.

Sounds like I was only half right.

If it requires max, they didn’t export an application.

But, that’s great news for anyone wanting to modify it for even more controller support!

Hi there it is now updated, and it also works with Max For Live. Unfortunately the demo version it’s hard to make in the Max environment. Anyway, we are considering a Lite version. Hope that helps.

More at

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Nice Online talk #5 from Music Hackspace about Granurise