Ground loop when connecting Striso Board to computer

With other USB powered music devices, ground loops can be created when connecting the device via USB to a computer. I would like to know if the Striso Board is also victim to these ground loops, and if so, what are the best options for eliminating the ground loop.

JUST replying to the above:
I have a couple of this ones and they work very well!!

edit: actually the first one I got was bundled with the Haken ContinuuMini…

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Thank you for the link @keymanpal. So I gather that isolating the 3.5mm MIDI connection would eliminate the ground loop? I thought that the problem resided on the USB side of things. Furthermore, I would like to use the USB connection for MIDI to reduce cable clutter, so the 3.5mm MIDI connection will not be used.

Actually… I’m starting to realize that ground loops are only present when recording the audio output of the USB-powered device. If I only connect the Striso Board as a MIDI controller through USB, I shouldn’t have any ground loops right?

You’re right, with only one cable there will never be a ground loop. Using the midi jack doesn’t cause a ground loop either, since midi uses optocouplers to break the loop.

Having both the audio cable and the USB cable connected to the same device does introduce a ground loop, like powering the Striso board with the USB port of a speaker, or even having the USB connected to the computer and both the audio of the computer and the Striso board connected to the same amplifier. The amount of noise this introduces depends on the hardware and cables used, and if the noise is too loud you can add a ground loop isolator like the one @keymanpal mentioned.


Perfect. Thank you for furthering my knowledge of ground loops.