Haken Continuum in experimental music & sound design

Hi everyone,

I have a question. I have been eyeing the Haken Continuum for many years, but almost all videos of it I’ve come across were people imitating acoustic instruments and/or playing classical/new age music. As I am interested in neither, and as the instrument looks to be much more capable than being a fake violin, I wonder if there are any videos or recordings that show the “stranger” or “avant-garde” side of the synth engine.

I am primarily interested in getting a Continuumini and playing it using a Sensel Morph. I play experimental/new music as a solo performer and in bands, ensembles and orchestras.


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Ohh, there is a broader Continuum uses out there , including as you say “stranger” or “avant-garde”, and Im sure few musician, composers, performers are going for the fake violin…

If you into FaceBook you can request membership

Everything about Continuum world; small videos etc.

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Thank you for your response. I left Facebook a year ago. :slight_smile: Do you have any suggestions of videos that show the experimental side of the Eagan Matrix?

Itself? the software control aspect of the Continuums?
Im not aware besides Richard Kram initiative… (lots of info there;-)


I may be using terms incorrectly. I mean the synth engine. Thank you for the link.

Synth Engine = EaganMatrix
Software control = Haken Editor (then a specific for each instrument were the EaganMatrix “lives” - Continuum/ContinnuuMini/Eagen Matrix ModuleEditor, upcoming Osmose…

so ok I was using it correctly. I am mostly curious about what the synth engine can do. I’ll do more research. Thank you.

I think the web page is descriptive

You can also download the user manual…

You might find this Youtube video helpful. Its maker recorded a bunch of the 'Mini presets right when they got it. The description lists the preset names (as organized into banks) and times in the video. You might find the Sound Design bank in particular going in some of the directions you want to explore.

Continuumini Demo - one hour, just sounds, no talking


Metal Machine Trio - The creation of the universe

(Lou Reed, Sarth Calhoun, Ulrich Krieger)


Richard Lainhart - Tranzducer


Thank you very much for the suggestions/links!


our community would benefit from an open discussion of Eagan Matrix Programming techniques


agreed - feel free to open a topic :slight_smile:

we could also have another topic, where we gather ‘learning resources’ for the Eagen Matrix.
I watched some great youtube videos by EaganMatrix Programming , they are a little ‘long’ but explain things very well…

I’ve not got a Eagan Matrix instrument yet… but when my Osmose arrives, I’ll definitely be doing a deep dive… might do some videos too

(Im currently trying to also hold off the desire to order the new Eagan Matrix Eurorack module! )

for both topics (“EaganMatrix Programming Techniques” , " Eagan Matrix Resources" (?) ) ,
Id say chuck them into the Haken Continuum category for now…

we can then review this when the Osmose is released… as perhaps an Eagan Matrix category could be created, since it’d be relevant to Continuums, Osmose and the Eurorack module.

anyway, feel free to create topics you feel are warranted, and that you have ideas for, or would like to discuss…
(similarly, if you want to split the EaganMatrix Programming Techniques, into multiple topics you can do that too… we can then rearrange into separate category as they gain traction)

as an aside, there is also the possibility of creating ‘wiki posts’ on this server, if there is ‘text’ that we want to allow multiple users to ‘curate’ .
we currently do this for each category e.g.

I agree that the Eagan Matrix deserves a category of its own (instrument/controller vs synth engine). I’d definitely like to learn more background about the different modules in detail (e.g. what’s a BigBank and what do all the parameters mean?). Maybe if you have/know MaxMSP some of these modules are familiar, given that the Haken Editor is a standalone MAX application…

If/when we have enough topics posted (specifically) about the Eagan matrix , I’ll then create a
category … but a the moment we’ve had very few.

It’s not about ‘deserving’ or not , it’s simply if there is the content to warrant it … I don’t want 100s if categories with 3 or 4 posts in them.
So it’s about a where conversations are active.

As mention above feel free to start topics on the EM , discussing patching etc , if they gain traction and other people participate then that’ll be what I use to seed a new category.

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 I haven't checked specifically but we do have several different protocols for mpe and other polyphonic instruments, would it not warrant an entire section dedicated to tutorials on the various programming languages involved?
  You would have one for the eagen one for midi, one for the eigenharp since it uses its own, then there is pure data since a lot of poly expression seems to use pure data, there's python, jave, glover and leap. 
 A major undertaking, really an expansion of this forum all together, not sure whom all is involved in this one, but addition of an all in one solution relating to your new electronic music instrument would definitely be a major boost to traffic. 
 I use leap and glover and immersive audio. You could literally starve a microorganism on the number of useful resources for most of it. There for all practical purposes just isn't anywhere to go to own more than basics. 
 That doesn't hold true for all but the ones it doesn't still lack for the specific information on usually seeking with no effective way to speak to knowledgeable people. Thus if this forum expanded to cover the entire spectrum of hardware, software and programming and yes immersive (sorry but the new instruments and immersive seem like separate areas of interest but I can almost guarantee that anyone interested in modern equipment has an interest in fully immersive audio so a small subsection for that will garner interest I'd warrant.) 
 include a category for troubleshooting integration with daws and this would become the most useful forum for polyphonic musicians 
 however that is a massive butt load of work and really only worth it if there are enough resources and the forum owners wish to become a major resource for a quickly growing demographic  as that would be a full time job lol. 
 Some forums wish to go large and some are just love-children and one should never do what they are most passionate about to make a living because then your passion becomes work and can ruin the joy of it.      
 Doesn't happen to everyone but the danger is there. So a love -child forum is different for those that are hip to that little piece of wisdom nobody ever gives you growing up lol. So some folk are more or less content with a small forum that gives them the ability to enjoy community in an increasingly isolated world. 
  I have a small suspicion that this community is precisely that kind of thing yes technobear? However maybe the community itself would get behind it as we are all forerunners now, we have the opportunity to write the book rather than read the book......  
   A programming section however would require a fairly knowledgeable monitor or what have you, gotta have your guru or two to make sure when someone drops in seeking a solution to a difficult question that they walk away with a useful answer so that when speaking with others you are the first name on the tongue as far as where to go for solutions.
   I know software wise audiosex is the first stop before even the manufacturer because they have information related to practices that most proprietary software companies take exception to, but with new stuff it more often than not require one to violate proprietary terms of agreement, 
   I remember a video game came out that the only way you could play it was too late it legit copy in hand or not. Heck some software even if you have legit the pirates version actually works better because they can fix programming defects without bureaucracy 
   Not advocating and officially I should grown on piracy, but that's beside the point, point is that resource is usually where I go for information regarding audio software because it is thorough and more often than not relevant over even the manufacturer. It has the gurus you can speak to and is most likely a moneymaker, however there is no free lunch and it takes many to monitor such a forum