Hapax and Roli Rise 2 - MPE problem

Who knows
Why in MPE mode MIDI In correct
But out send only 1 channel
If I make thru in a to out b. - all Channels sent, but with global 1.
What I’m doing wrong?)
Roli 2-16, 1 global
Hapax 1-16 - how can I change this? Mby this problem…

MPE synth - Waldorf iridium

Down to 1.14 and up to 1.16. Something change) transfer all midi in mpe to midi out ch 2,3,4 :slight_smile:
Roli 12,14,10 - Hapax out 2,3,4

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sorry, but you’ll need to describe the problem much better… I dont understand your first post at all.

also if you think there is a bug with the hapax, you are best to contact squarp via their contact form.