Hardware synths supporting MPE (wiki)

This is a wiki post containing a list of hardware synths that supports MPE,
please edit or reply, if you know of more that can be added to this list

MPE support

  • Axoloti
  • Futuresonus Parva
  • Organelle (with some pure data patches)
  • Audiothingies: MicroMonsta; MicroMonsta 2 (supports 1 or 2 zones)
  • Eagan Matrix (w/ Continuums)
  • Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream/Kijimi/Xerxes
  • Modor: NF-1 and NF-1m
  • Modal 001 (duophonic)
  • Tasty Chips Electronics: GR-1 Granular Synth
  • Baloran: The River
  • ASM Hydrasynth
  • Modal Electronics Skulpt
  • Modal Electronics Argon8
  • Modal Cobalt8

Voice per channel support

(these synths don’t support MPE, but allow the same patch on different voices, which shared control of parameters)

  • H-Pi FLASH


(these synths can be used, but each voice is a separate patch, so no shared control of parameters)

  • Roland Integra 7, JV-1080, JV-80 (keyboard), JD-800 (keyboard), JD-990 (rack module), XP-50
  • Vermona: PerFOURmer
  • Arturia Origin (4 channels)
  • Nord G1, G2 and Lead 3 (4 channels)
  • Elektron Digitone (4 channels)
  • Roland V-Synth
  • Korg Kronos
  • Kurzweil V.A.S.T. Synthesizers
  • Waldorf Blofeld


  • Endorphin.es: Shuttle Control USB MIDI to CV Converter
  • Expert Sleepers FH-1 and FH-2 (MIDI/USB to Control Voltage interface)
  • Percussa: SSP

please discuss these in separate threads.


These are on the list at Roger Linn’s Linnstrument site.

  • Audiothingies: MicroMonsta
  • Deckard’s Dream
  • Endorphin.es: Shuttle Control USB MIDI to CV Converter
  • Expert Sleepers FH-1 and FH-2 (MIDI/USB to Control Voltage interface)
  • Futuresonus: Parva
  • Kurzweil V.A.S.T. Synthesizers
  • Modor: NF-1 and NF-1m
  • Percussa: SSP
  • Roland Integra 7, JV-1080, JV-80 (keyboard), JD-800 (keyboard), JD-990 (rack module), XP-50
  • Vermona: PerFOURmer
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Haken Audio ContinuuMini
(and most likely the other Continuum instruments)


I also use these:

4 channels:
Arturia Origin
Nord G1 and G2
Elektron Digitone

16 Channels:
Roland V-Synth
Korg Kronos


can we separate the multi-timbral synths into a separate category, as they don’t really have explicit MPE or voice per channel support. i.e. you have to do things like copy patches across ‘voices’.

also as there are lots of multitimbral synths, I suggest we stick to one we use and know that work well.

Id love to hear which ones you find work the best…

Personally, Ive a Virus TI, which is multitimbral (and I love as a synth),
BUT its not very good in practice for this, its not really able to cope well with the quantity of midi data, so you have to throttle the data back to much for me to find it enjoyable.

also perhaps tips on how to use (in a separate thread), e.g. on the TI its important to turn off smoothing, as otherwise this adds to the feeling of ‘disconnect’ - imo.

EDIT: ok, Ive had a stab at reclassifying them, feel free to correct me, as I don’t know all these synths in detail!

Ive also split out Eurorack - as it feels useful to be have these separate.


^^Good idea!
Moved Deckard’s Dream to the MPE section, it’s apparently one of their main selling points: https://www.deckardsdream.com/

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That presumably also applies to the other Black Corporation synths, the Kijimi & Xerxes too.

Sure, feel free to add them! Haven’t heard of those :slight_smile: Are they already available?

The Kijimi was being demoed at Superbooth last year, it’s inspired by the PolyKobol, and the Xerxes is more recent and inspired by the Elka Synthex. I don’t think either are available yet?

The Waldorf Blofeld also works with 16 part multi-timbral support.


I knew I should’ve kept my K2000VP! What a monster that was 20 years ago.

Modal 001 has MPE support for its two voices.

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Baloran: The River has MPE support

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Tasty Chips GR-1

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4 voice multi-timbral

Nord Lead 3



The smallest MIDI synthesizer :smile:

Supports MPE’s pitch bend per note at the moment and will hopefully add full MPE support in a future update.


Should add the ASM Hydrasynth, the MPE support is really fantastic.


Modal Electronics Skulpt and Argon8 as well

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Hi Mike,
Does Hydra have some user smoothing control for Mpe cc ?
If not, how it reacts with an Mpe controllers?
For example, if the pressure controls the Vca level…
(I should order a hydra desktop this week )

The newly released Modal Cobalt8_ series (37 key, 61 key, module/rack) support MPE: