Hardware synths supporting MPE (wiki)

$819 for the 61-key is pretty inexpensive.

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You can send whatever MPE dimension you want to any of the matrix outputs with a positive or negative “quantity”

You can route MPE pressure, X, Y, velocity and release to any of the matrix destinations. You can choose to send PolyAT(Pressure) to Osc 1 and 2 level (the hydras VCAs) at .5 of the pressure and say LFO 1 rate at a .2 of the pressure so each would be modulated by different amounts by your changing MPE input for that touch, and then whatever the LFO is controlling is another mod matrix entry.


Kodamo EssenceFM has MPE and can be multitimbral with MPE, too. It has three layers: voice, patch and performance. The first one is what you’d call a monotimbral preset. A patch is a single midi channel preset with key and velocity mapping of many voices (don’t know the limit, but know it’s pretty high). So, it’s like a multitimbral preset that lives on one midi channel. A performance is a 16-channel multitimbral arrangement of these patches. You have 16 slots, but several slots can have the same midi channel. You can assign one patch to midi channel 1 and assign another patch (an EssenceFM patch) to the remaining 15 channels (or less if you don’t need a lot of simultaneous MPE notes). This gives you a regular, multitimbral synth on one midi controller, while giving you a very complex (or not) MPE synth on another controller. I use it in this configuration with a Sensel Morph and a Launchpad Pro MK3. As the synth engine supports poly pressure with or without MPE mode on or off, I can play the layered, split, complicated single patchI assign to the Launchpad with polypressure as well, the synth detects the kind of key pressure you send and adapts to it. And it has 300 polyphony, so you don’t really run out of that.

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Just to add to this, the GS e7 is another MPE hardware synth. It’s an analog desktop poly synth. Nice chunky knobs too. It sounds very pretty, almost perfect for mpe. Worked perfectly with the linnstrument.

It has a very creamy pad sounds, very Roland/Oberheim like. I would throw it in as a good alternative to the Black Corporation desktops. Beautiful synth from a new indie maker.


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Joue Pro/Play
Artiphon Orba
Lekholm DM48/DM48X

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There’s a comprehensive list of MPE-capable synths in the LinnStrument forum: List of MPE Hardware Synthesizers - Roger Linn Design Forum - KVR Audio

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Thank you for referencing one of my lists on KVR Audio. I will be slowly migrating them over to Poly Expression so that others may also benefit from my hard work.

I made a preliminary edit to the wiki post and attempted to follow Roger’s styling, although the wiki post was inconsistent so I chose to use commas and spaces instead of forward slashes or semicolons. It is more simpler to understand how to contribute and generates white space for easier readability. I added links to most of the products for quicker navigation.

I have no interest in multi-timbral configurations for MPE compatibility, so anyone interested in maintaining that part of the wiki post is free to do so.


I migrated a majority of the MPE hardware synthesizers I have on my list to this one. I will continue editing this wiki post another time, so have fun browsing the new links.

I added the Trigon-6 and the Trigon-6 Desktop Module to the wiki post. Special thanks to @SteveElbows for their original contribution on my KVR Audio thread.

I will eventually migrate everything from KVR Audio to Poly Expression so that this wiki post will be the main resource for MPE hardware synthesizers instead, but it will take some work outside of both to attract and retain contributors to this forum too.

No problem. I also just edited this wiki entry to add the Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave since the firmware v1.5 that supports MPE came out for that one now.

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we’ve no real ambition/plans to ‘attract’ new members, over ‘organic growth’
this forum is a resource for those with an active interest in these expressive instruments, and we have ‘made it known’ in these circles, and members do mention it where appropriate on other sites.
but, having experienced the moderation effort required for larger user bases and its complications.
Im quite happy keeping a smaller, and frankly, more friendly community :wink:

so, you’ll always get more ‘exposure’ on sites like kvr, gearspace… (forum) user tend to prefer more general sites, for their diversity. but you can of course link back here if you wish (this forum is viewable without joining)


That is not exactly what I meant by attracting and retaining contributors, so I will briefly explain the issue further.

Currently, I maintain separate lists of MPE hardware on KVR Audio, but a few things are preventing me from fully migrating them:

  1. I have simply not migrated all of the entries.
  2. I have to create an entirely new thread here in the Hardware category for hardware controllers that support MPE.
  3. Roger Linn Design and ROLI reference my lists of MPE hardware, so I need to contact them both separately to redirect to Poly Expression instead, while also providing Roger HTML-formatted code to help update their list of MPE hardware synthesizers.

Maintaining these threads on KVR Audio are taking resources away from me developing my proficiency on the LinnStrument, so by redirecting these contributions to Poly Expression instead, I will be able to reclaim my attention back to focusing on my musical ambitions.

I have migrated the remaining MPE hardware synthesizers into this thread, except for two, because their MPE implementation is still being worked on:

  • Waldorf: M
  • OXI Instruments: Coral

I did not bother sorting through the wiki list to categorize them further: I mostly see value from organization by manufacturers instead, since it reduces the length of the list. If Discourse suppported a table/matrix of some sort, then more details could be provided for a comprehensive wiki post.

3 posts were merged into an existing topic: Wiki posts / formatting

I’ve added our Intuitive Instruments Exquis.
And I take the occasion to spread the word: Exquis is the Winner of the 2023 MIDI Innovation Awards!


Not sure “hardware synth” is the appropriate category for this.

(It’s a controller, coupled with a mobile app. Nothing wrong with that, but we list apps separately because they’re platform dependent – outside forces can render them inoperable. Hardware synths are immune to that condition.)

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I agree, which is why the three ROLI Seaboard GRAND with embedded Equator are listed, but not any of the other ROLI products.

Instead of removing the entry now though, I think giving some time for Bruno to provide an explanation is the most appropriate and courteous response.

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You are right, i’m sorry I didn’t catch this detail before editing.
Exquis is a controller, and it doesn’t produce sound by itself. But it comes with it’s own application, which embed VST and AU synth plugins, and it comes with a big pack of dedicated Surge XT presets.

If I follow your comment on the ROLI product without embedded equator, then I should remove Exquis from the list. (Done)
Is there a section on the forum which list the MPE controllers? :smiley:

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No, there is no wiki post for “hardware controllers supporting MPE” on Poly Expression: no one has created it yet. Creating a wiki post on Discourse requires at least a trust level of 3 (Regular) unless configured differently by the server administrator.

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