Hello, Hallo, Salut, Ciao thread

Welcome to the Poly Expression forum,

we hope you meet some interesting people here that share your interest in expressive electronic instruments.

how about telling us a little about yourself, do you have an expressive controller/instrument already? have you had it long? what do you use it for, or like about it?

don’t forget we’d love to see some of your work, please post in the Your Music and Projects category if you’d like to share something.


I’ll check-in first …
Mark, British, living in Southern Spain, amateur musician playing the Eigenharp, Madrona Lab Soundplane and a bit of keyboards… not great at any of them, but I really enjoy playing them all :slight_smile:

You can find some more of what Im up to on my youtube channel as “thetechnobear”… I’ll no doubt be posting some in the Your Music section soon.

Im also a developer (c++/java/etc) and have contributed to a few open source music projects, including for the Eigenharp. Im also currently developing some software for expressive instruments called MEC, but thats for another topic.


Hi I’m António Machado musician from Palmela, Portugal. I compose for Contemporary Dance, Theatre, take care of all sound and light design aspects for Palmela Dance Company - DançArte.

Since 2010 I perform live using Eigenlabs Eigenharps (Pico, then Alpha and my own “glued-up” Double-Pico) also favourite playing Haken Audio Continuum, LinnStrument all are part of my day-by-day studio work; as well EigenD, Gig Performer, AB Live and some more “knobs and buttons” I have gathered over the years (VL-1m, Xpander, NM G2, Andromeda…lucky to have some more).

Adventures on my youtube channel


Hi, Ferdinand here. Living in Germany (Munich), fiddling around with various musical instruments on an amateur level. Initially coming from piano, then added a number of instruments that fit into the theme of this website to the mix: The journey started with an Eigenharp Pico, later a Tau and finally a (refurbished but fully functional) Alpha. Also fiddling around with Linnstrument, Seaboard, Morph - and soon ContinuuMini (and some unnamed self-built stuff…) nowadays.

Feel free to ask me most things EigenD related (not as far into the technical tidbits as @thetechnobear and not as much practical performance experience with it than @keymanpal - but asking never hurts :slight_smile: ).
Might also be of help for Gig Performer scripting questions - really liking the setup-and-forget approach possible with that host.
Also having fun with experimenting with layouts for Morph - all ideas welcome!

Even though I’m doing “computer stuff” at work and sometimes contribute a little to music related software I am often just glad to be a mere user-of-something-that-just-works when it comes to music :slight_smile:


I’m Duncan, aka GoneCaving here there and everywhere. Living in Ireland.

My musical interests include playing Continuum (half-size), Eigenharp (Alpha & Pico), and Modular synths. I’ve been known to play live on occasions, and also hang out on the Lines forum, where I’ve contributed to a number of the LCRP releases.


I’m Christophe … lots of good friends here ! thanks for setting this up Mark !

I’m involved in Haken Audio team, La voix du Luthier and Anckorage, working with TipTop Audio on their Z-DSP cartridges (Mariana Trench, Grain de folie and Spring Waves) and also participating to the organisation of SynthFest France (https://www.synthfestfrance.com).
You see some videos I’m doing on Youtube

PS: sorry I want to provide more links, but there’s a limitation to 2 links in a post…


Welcome Christophe, nice to see you here :slight_smile:

links: there are some small limitations imposed by the forum when you very first join, but as you read, post and contribute these are quickly and automatically lifted.
(they are there to protect the forum from spam bots etc )

please create some new topics where you think others are interested, and/or also post in the “Your Music and Projects” category … it’d be really nice to start building up a collection of expressive performances.
I know from personal experience your involved in some really cool projects :slight_smile:


Hi Mark
Ok, I will add topics (are Theremin and Onde Martenot Ok ?) and invite friends
And here the missing links:



Yes, for sure definitely interesting to us all :slight_smile:

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Martin here - thanks Mark for setting this up!

I’m an ex-wind-controllerist (WX5) and ex-Eigenharpist (pico), and now Linnstrumentalist - probably should sell my Pico! I’m also wondering about adding a wind controller to the Linnstrument setup, as I still haven’t trained my fingers to ‘fake-blow’ just how I want!


Hi Guys,

Great idea for a forum by the way.

I’m Andy, terrible amateur musician but very interested in this sort of stuff.

I have a Linnstrument, small Roli, Pico and ContinuuMini along with quite a large selection of midi guitars.

I’m a Software Developer, in the TV industry, Audio and Video, production systems that sort of thing.


Hi all! I’m Randy, New Englander, amateur musician, LinnStrumentalist, probably-ex-wind-controllerist (WX7), recently retired software developer.

I recognize most of the handles so far from other forums. Happy to be joining you – this should be enlightening and fun!


Hi All,

Benjamin - Midwest USA - Roli Seaboard Rise 49; LinnStrumentalist, multi-instrumentalist. Database developer/designer by day, MI by night and on the weekends.

Pleasure to be a part of a forward-thinking community of musicians and experimenters!


Hi All,
I’m Tim and based in Australia. Started on Saxophone, and gradually added other instruments. Built a midi saxophone before discovering the Eigenharp Pico. Played that for a few years before adding an Alpha. I’m currently studying a PhD in Time Scale Modification of Audio combining my 2 Bachelor degrees in a useful way.
I’ve also been exploring laser cutting and other diy projects in recent times.
Looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to.
Soundcloud (Irregular updates)


Hello there,
I’m Scott and I live in Grass Valley, CA. I was originally a drummer and played over 40 years but due to health issues, I’ve given up drums and took up my long curiosity in synthesizers (I still remember when the ARP 2600 first came out and we would go to the music store and drool). A dear friend loaned me bunch of Eurorack and I went down that hole for awhile. I picked up a Linnstrument a few years ago and have been loving it ever since. Mostly have gotten out of hardware and into soft synths and iOS apps. I did pick up a Roland Handsonic for a percussion fix. I’m a member of an improvisation ensemble that has been playing together in various incarnations since 1973. If you’re brave you can check out our latest session from a week ago at https://soundcloud.com/lunarasylum/systolic
Wow, the power just went out as I was typing that. Hope it’s not an omen. :wink:


Hello, I’m a fullstack software developer by day (mostly .Net and Angular stuff these days). A lot of my spare time is spent as one half of synth pop duo «Tic Tic», where my Eigenharp Tau is heavily featured on nearly every track we make.


Hallo! I run the YouTube channel “The Tuesday Night Machines”, which has been mostly about modular synths so far. Last year I finally bought a Linnstrument, after having it on my wish list for ages, because it seemed like a great controller for iPad synth apps and Axoloti DIY projects. Practicing has been fun, but I still need to do a lot more of that :smile:

Looking forward to insights and poly-expression talk on here :+1:


Hello, another veteran software-developer and passionate hobby-musician here. Live in Zurich/Switzerland and am pursuing expressive electronic music almost as long as I can think. Back in the times mostly with circuit-bending (sometimes destroying) various synths, now I am a happy LinnStrument user and want to use it in creative new ways.


Hi - Great idea for a forum. I’m Randy Brown, Ohio. I’ve owned many MPE or MPE-adjacent controllers over the years. Found all to be limiting in some way. Experimental and still early days.

Of course, it’s difficult to find an instrument as expressive as saxophone, my long time choice. :blush:

Now, I mostly wander. Peace.


I’m David Jameson, originally (well, still, I suppose) from Ireland, now living in New York — spent the early part of my career at IBM Research (where among other things I got to create and run a computer music research group) and then moved on to do other things in the software development world. These days I’m co-founder of Deskew Technologies, which develops and sells Gig Performer which is a plugin host aimed at live performing musicians.

I am in three touring bands these days, two of in which I perform some songs with the Eigenharp Alpha