Help with Windows installation

Here a few screenshots of the driver settings, not sure whether this helps (sorry, German… I always did trial and error as mentioned above when having to install the driver on a new device - it never “just” worked…)

From the events tab (approximate translation…):
Device configured (oem45.inf):
The device USB\VID_2139&PID_0101\6&2f27204&0&8 was configured.

driver name: oem45.inf
Class-GUID: {78a1c341-4539-11d3-b88d-00c04fad5171}
driver date: 07/17/2013
driver version:
driver provider: Eigenlabs
driver section: EigenAlpha.Dev.NT
driver rank: 0xFF0001
fitting device id: USB\VID_2139&PID_0101
device was updated: false
superordinate device: USB\ROOT_HUB30\5&726e9db&0&0

How do I uninstall or disable a driver that doesn’t show up in Device Manager? Where do I go to find it?

As a first step you could go to the unknown device and go to update or reinstall driver. And then select this driver file that was extracted by the installer: C:\Program Files (x86)\Eigenlabs\driver-1.0.10\EigenAlpha.inf

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Aha! That finally did it. We have lights and sound now! (At least in Modular Synth mode.) Thank you so much! Now to play around with the settings and get it really going, haha.


Awesome !

So to confirm re-installing the driver was the fix.

We probably need to document this better, given it seems temperamental.

What I’d really like to know is… are we getting anything in the windows logs regarding the driver not working.

If reinstalling is necessary, then to me that sounds like something in the installation is failing.

It wasn’t exactly reinstalling the driver, no. It was manually linking the “Unknown device” to the already installed driver. For whatever reason, installing it didn’t sync that up automatically.