How do I get a chromatic fourths tuning?

I am trying to setup a chromatic fourths tuning (like on a guitar) on my Erae Touch, but I can’t figure it out.

In other words, moving one note vertically will increase the pitch by a perfect fourth, and all notes of the chromatic Western scale are available.

at the moment your best bet is to use the “drumpad” element, and set the offset on that.

since, the keygrid element has a bit of a quirk with offsets (at the moment) when using the chromatic scale (other topics in this forum talk about it) … @embodme are aware of this ‘issue’

good news is drumpad has all the same functionality as keygrid, the only difference (and why it works :wink: ) is it’s always chromatic, you cannot put it in different scales.

scrub that , the new 1.1 firmware has now fixed this issue with keygrid in chromatic mode.

Hi everyone!

You can download the new Erae Lab along with the new Erae Touch firmware version!
The line offset in the Keygrid can now be set either as Scale Degrees OR Semitones.

All the Linnstrument player out here should now be able enjoy the True Force of Isomorphism :wink:

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That’s amazing! Thanks for the update :smiley: