How do you organize EigenD preset versions?

Since we have no copy/paste for Workbench objects yet, it is a good idea to save many versions of a preset, maybe with crucial functions/groups only, to at least have a reference if something goes wrong.

How do you organize that? Do you have 20, 50, 100 or hundreds of user presets?

Is there an function which allows to save presets, maybe single configured objects or groups of objects as scripts?

no… hence why i scripted, when I was doing lots of development.

when Im using workbench on a new setup - I tended to just cycle between a couple,
so latest, latest-1, latest-2… the idea being if one became corrupted, then Id just lose one generation of changes.

honestly, after a while, I settled down on how I wanted the Eigenharp to be as an instrument, and so now end up using the same setup all the time.

This has, I think, been a problem with EigenD/Eigenharp … because its so customisable, for some ( = me :slight_smile: ) when they first get it, the urge is to set it up ‘just as I want it’ … but this is really not that easy, so for some their early experiences can be frustrating as they battle to make it ‘just so’.
I know I did this, I spent ages working on PicoMix, and it taught me loads about EigenD and was really great - but honestly, I just wish Id spent those early days, just playing with it ‘as is’ , the factory setup was fine for most - and I think id have appreciated the pico more.

These days, I actually like much simpler setups… they are faster to load, and really I find I don’t need much.

I dunno why, the idea of 20-100 presets sounds odd to me… why do you need so many?
each setup is like a new ‘instrument’ … why would you want so many?

Nonono, I do not want hundreds of presets :cold_face: I am just afraid that I may end up which such a load after a while … mainly because there is no copy/paste of objects between Workbenches. I neither like too many presets acting as backups nor huge patches. Got to find another way.

I get your point about seeing something new and instantly start digging too deep in all possible directions without a real target. It’s hard for me not to act this way, but possible :wink:

Actually I am after a simple Pico setup that gives me more than a windcontroller and fits nicely between Seaboard, MIDI guitars and some acoustic instruments. Max is my control center and I hoped that the Pico can nicely interact with it. Yes it can. Some switching tasks and all controller shaping will go to Max.

I have no problem in having many saved setups, saved by year, category, show, experiment, I also save each version as Mark mentioned (just in case :wink:

Over the years the default presets reveal them self’s as very balanced feature wise and stable, always a go to.

As to saving or repeating snippets of a setup only using scripts ( @thetechnobear did develop a tool that just gets the job done, might not be for everyone)

I already got a problem in spite of version-saving like you and Mark do it. Used 4 presets in rotation and suddenly found out that one talker was broken. Could not bring it to life again and had to make a new one because the version was too old, out of rotation. I learned: If you have the chance, don’t make large objects but more small ones. And increased the rotation group to 8 versions (and save less often …)

yeah, fair enough… as I said, im the same :slight_smile:

unfortunately, that’s pretty similar to what happened when I first did picomix,
after that I was very careful doing changes that I considered ‘experimental’
(its not so bad now, as I kind of know what you are supposed to do… and when im travelling off the beaten track :wink: )

one fairly obvious tip, if when you make a change it acts a bit weird save it as a new setup, and reload - don’t just delete the connection/object , and carry on… since something odd might have happened in the background that is lurking for later!