How I connect the Eigenharp to AE modular

short demo of something I took to show aemodular guys at superbooth :slight_smile:

I really enjoying using Bela to interface things to modular stuff.


That’s integration!! Well done!
Ohhh Pico lights and that running step sequencer :wink:

Behind simplicity there must be some serious hard word.
Great end result :partying_face: one of a kind, expressive instrument/setup!

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thanks, yeah its all coming together now…
for this I broke out the lowest level api into a new library, called EigenLite,
(in a similar way to what Ive done with the Soundplane)

this allows me to combine it into things pretty simply… and like anything the more you use a platform (like bela) the easier it becomes.

the step sequencer I wrote whilst I was on the plane to superbooth, since we were delayed by 2.5 hours, so kept me quietly occupied, rather than just starting at my watch!

but I did get a few funny looks bringing out a bare pcb board on the plane, made people a but ‘uneasy’ :wink:
fortunately, I only needed it briefly to download latest software onto my laptop … so flight attendants didn’t see it!


This was really great. Good musical demo as well. Was the Pico doing the sequencing or the interface? I imagine since the Bella is technically hosting the Pico and running the Pico’s software, the answer in any case is going to be the Bella.

Very interesting nonetheless.

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thank you.

the sequencer is on the bela… and technically, yes its in the same process space as the rest of the pico software, which Id guess you call a ‘bela app’ .

(the lower level stuff is all in libraries, so i can just combine it in different ways… so here its directly as a bela ‘app’, but i can also combine it into my ‘mec’ application, or into a VST or whatever … much of what I do is cross-platform, so makes sense for me to have building blocks like this)