How is the haptic feedback on the Striso?

I would like to know how the Striso and flat MPE controllers (such as the Linnstrument, the Erae Touch, and the Seaboard) differ in haptic feedback. How close to the feeling of hitting a piano key does the Striso get? I have the Erae Touch, but I wish there was more haptic feedback when playing so that I can really “feel” the notes. I’m hoping the Striso is the ticket for me.

The “keys” on the Striso really feel incredibly natural. I’m a bassist, and the Striso is by far my favorite controller for playing strings. It almost reminds me of playing a fretless bass; you can really make subtle bends and articulations on each note. I sometimes hold it at an angle with my left hand and play it with my right hand as if I were fingerpicking a guitar. It’s just a very intuitive instrument if you’re coming from a string background. I don’t have an Erae Touch, but I do have the Linnstrument and Seaboard. The Striso is the only controller that I can play without ever having to look.


The Striso feels like sturdy bubble wrap. You can really push those keys around, but you can also gently touch them.