How to build your own Continuano

Have finally posted the first iteration of an instrument I have been working on for quite some time now.
Cannot be bought atm. out of the box - but quite easily be rebuilt if desired with the described steps.
This variant is based on the Sensel Morph, using the internal firmware configured via SenselApp (so the resulting instrument is MIDI-class compliant and can just be plugged into any MPE-compatible hardware or software synth of choice).
Have fun! :slight_smile:


cool stuff - perhaps a youtube demo with sound ? :slight_smile:

Proficiency in playing the Continuum or at least a fretless stringed instrument would certainly help to show the potential, still at the beginning there…
But I’ll see what I can do…


Just went for a detailed read… Congrats on finally achieving what you wanted :wink:
A vídeo would definitely show it like nothing else.
Have fun in the meantime, playing Continuano!

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