How to clean alpha

I’ve just moved my Alpha into a better lit area, and realised it needed to be cleaned a little :slight_smile:

after wiping, Ive noticed a few black marks on the plated areas (esp breathpipe) (I guess oxidisation?)
can you use anything on the ‘plated’ areas? some kind of polish?

( I read the eigenharp wiki, but that say just wipe it - no mention of any polish or similar)

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Yeah, can’t say how safe would it be to used some kind of “product”; I myself never used anything (besides a cloth to take some dust off)
I also have some greyish areas as you mention, breathpipe and curiously around the keys that don’t get that much use :crazy_face:

It gives the Alpha some character… ageing looks.


A (very slightly) moist cloth should be fine. I suspect a small amount of silver polish might be ok on the breathpipe, but I’d not use it anywhere near the keys.


My Alpha doesn’t look too good. The breath pipe is fine, but the metal on the unit itself has clearly corroded quite a lot. I think I will have to try to fix it soon.

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I went to a silver jewellery specialist store and they recommended a silver polishing cloth. The cloth is dry, so I don’t think it is risky to use. So far I have just tested for a couple of minutes on top of the Alpha, but it seems to work well.