How to play two notes on one key?


I thought if I add a second scaler in parallel after a keygroup, I would be able to play two notes with a certain interval. But I get only one note at the MIDI output.

Tried a second keygroup output for the second scaler and enabled it. Nope. Tried completely independent paths (keygroup out, scaler, MIDI converter, MIDI output) but still get only one note.

Should I go debugging or is this not possible at all?

I believe you would need to write a custom agent to do this.

EigenD is not passing ‘notes’ around, its based on streams of events, which have an id, so basically if you wanted to do something like have an ‘arp’, you’d be have to create a new event stream.
iirc, this is what the sequencer does… and what i did when i created the soundplane agent.

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Nice to see you around :wink: replying…

Back in the days I have done some playing with that; mainly to achieve chord playing with one key.
Here you can see 4 key groups (selectable 4 notes) feeding a audio unit.
edit: oh you can pass all that easyly into a midi converter>midi output.

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So there is a catch… HOW to do it?
“channels inside the wires” - so to speak

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thanks @keymanpal … finally out of bed, and not feeling :nauseated_face:

he, he … not surprised in the slightest to see that you found a hack creative solution around it …
Id forgotten keygroup create new streams… and never tried to recombine their outputs :slight_smile:

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Oh, multiple keygroups. The only thing I haven’t tried yet, but quite logical. Will see/hear how it works. Thanks.

Yes this works well.

I cannot set each keygroup-path to a dedicated MIDI channel. Seems only to work with one scaler/converter. But well, it is good for experimenting as it is.

Care to elabore/explain a bit more?

I want each keygroup to go to it’s own MIDI channel:

Path 1 works, path 2 does not send MIDI out. Would not care about a second MIDI output but this also doesn’t work. I’ve systematically set the EigenD internal channels for each connection to no avail.

Your setup, that collects the keygroups in one scaler, works. But I want to play two different synths, so I need different MIDI channels or two MIDI ports.