How to script without Browser and Commander?

Currently I use the 64 Bit Mac Community version of EigenD. The Documentation tells me, that we need the EigenBrowser to run scripts. But this version contains neither Browser nor Commander.

Can we still script?

I can open Commander on my 32bit OSX EigenD. Typing text is buggy, iirc, but I’m pretty sure I can run my scripts from commander.
“(name of script) execute”. If you can’t get it to work with 64bit version I’ll double check. I prefer making my setups/scripts in windows, though, as Commander behaves better there.

You could also run your script from a talker. “interpreter hey (name of script) execute”

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If you don’t need the UI this might be of interest. It shows how to build command line scripts to send belcanto over rpc to the EigenD interpreter.


I use Mark @thetechnobear CREATOR

It is a good investment down the road :wink:

Wow, guys, this was really great help.

There is definitely no working Commander and Browser in the 64bit version. I read this somewhere.

Your two links were a kind of breakthrough for me. Now I know how to use RPC from Max to EigenD and can get rid of all my (configuration-)MIDI and eliminate a bunch of talkers. Much better.

Thanks for suggesting CREATOR, I will have a look.

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